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Read our VPS.NET review to find out if their scalable plans, custom interface and power-user friendly features could be the right decision for your hosting needs.

VPS.NET is a web hosting company with a heavy focus in cloud-based VPS hosting. Founded in 2008 and part of an umbrella group that also owns Dotable, Westhost and, VPS.NET has grown to become one of the top VPS providers in the industry.

While they focus mainly on cloud-based VPS hosting, they also offer VPS solutions on lightning-fast SSDs, as well as the option to purchased managed hosting that covers all of your site’s backend.
So, could VPS.NET be the right solution for your website’s needs? Keep reading to find out!

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VPS.NET Pricing & Plans

VPS.NET offers four different types of hosting, with the aforementioned cloud-based VPS and SSD VPS being the main sellers. They also offer cloud-based shared hosting starting at $20 a month, as well as WordPress cloud hosting at the same $20 a month.

Cloud-based VPS servers are VPS.NET’s most popular product and it’s quite easy to see why. With the beginning $15 a month, you get a single-core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 3 TB of bandwidth and 10 GB of disk space. While this may seem somewhat underwhelming, there are 16 tiers to choose from, meaning you can crank up your server’s hardware specs all the way to eight-core processors, 8 GB RAM, 48 TB of bandwidth, and 160 GB of disk space (for $240 a month)!
SSD VPS plans are available at a more budget-friendly price of $5 a month, which gives your site the speed of SSD drives without the dropoff in performance. SSD VPS plans are also scalable based on your site’s demands, further contributing to the flexibility and dollar-friendliness of VPS.NET.
As far as additional features, all hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate for the life of your plan, while Plesk ($7.50 a month) or CPanel ($10 a month) can also be purchased if you require a control panel. VPS.NET also has the helpful add-on “Power Pack” which when purchased ($10 a month), gives your site on-demand hardware scaling, doubling your hardware (RAM and CPU), while also giving unlimited bandwidth and free server density monitoring.

VPS.NET Video Review

Check out VPS.NET’s video about their “auto healing” VPS function!




VPS.NET Security

Just as new and game-changing cloud-based hosting is becoming, data protection has also become a critical point of emphasis for those in the hosting industry. Luckily, VPS.NET realizes this and offers numerous physical and digital protections from threats to your site.

With two-factor authentication, configurable SSH access, and user-based permissions, VPS.NET has the available steps to make sure your account and server login is secure and protected.

With 22 data center locations spread around five continents, the need for these facilities to be properly maintained and protected is indeed high. Multiple redundant power supplies, 24/7 on-site security and maintenance staff, RAID 10 hard disks to prevent data loss are just some of the steps that VPS.NET takes to ensure your site’s safety and performance.
As mentioned previously, SSL certificates come included with all hosting plans, with the extra protection and peace of mind almost necessary for high-traffic or e-commerce-related sites.

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VPS.NET Speed and Reliability

In addition to having data centers all over the world, VPS.NET cloud servers are also powered by RAID 10 hard drives to ensure the quick storage and access of your site’s critical data.
With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, VPS.NET takes a similar route to other providers by offering compensation if you experience any downtime, with the difference being a 10x pro-rated rental in case you experience any additional downtime beyond the 99.9% guarantee.

As part of our look at a host’s speed and reliability, we look at VPS.NET test page’s load time to get a better understanding of how fast their speeds actually are. As you can see in the below screenshot, VPS.NET performed admirably in our page load test, with an average page load time of ~three seconds for our 1 MB web page. While not quite as fast as some other cloud-hosting providers we have reviewed (Digital Ocean and Linode for example), the availability of a multitude of server locations helps you select the closest location to your website’s visitors.
You also have the ability to purchase a CDN (1 TB bandwidth= $34.95 a month) for your VPS, greatly increasing your site’s speed and reliability when it comes to loading resource-heavy content such as videos or high-resolution images.

VPS.NET Interface

We were somewhat disappointed to learn that having your server running a Windows or Linux operating system will cost you extra, as the additional $10 a month for the ability to use CPanel is something we don’t typically see with other hosting providers.

While the additional cost is slightly disappointing, it is extremely easy to install CPanel / WHM on your server, although VPS.NET states that you will need at least two nodes running in order to install these services.

The VPS.NET user control panel gives you the ability to easily start, manage and shut down your VPS. Console and backup access is also available from within the interface while we also really enjoyed the CPU and bandwidth usage monitor.

VPS.NET Customer Service

Let’s start off by saying that VPS.NET has received a fair share of criticism around the internet, with most complaints directed towards long wait times and a dismissive and unprofessional customer service base. While we didn’t experience these exact issues per se, we got the feeling that most of these complaints have some sort of backing to them.

For starters, we received a quick reply to our live chat session (at a whopping 6 AM EST!), but unfortunatley the representative we were connected with directed us to a VPS.NET knowledgebase rather than answer our hardware-related question.

Our telephone support experiences were slightly better in the sense that we received a more adequate reply to our test question, but for some reason the line and quality of call was very bad and we could barely hear the representative.

Is this definitive of VPS.NET’s customer service reputation? Probably not, but when combined with the numerous complaints all over the Internet, it is reason for worry.

VPS.NET Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Scalable plans
  • Power Pack feature

I wasn’t so sure about

  • CPanel/WHM pricing

I hated

  • Customer service

So, could VPS.NET be the right cloud hosting provider for you? With some slightly higher prices, they certainly have a tough time keeping up with some of the competition like Digital Ocean or Linode. Their customer service unfortunately also leaves much to be desired, although we did enjoy their live chat feature.

That being said, the automatic scaling and options of the plans are welcome for those especially with a site that has dynamic content or an occasionally erratic amount of traffic.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, give VPS.NET a try today to see if they might be the right cloud-base solution for your business!

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Published on: January 27,2016.
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