Symantec Launches Encryption Everywhere

Symantec Launches Encryption Everywhere

We don’t need to go into great detail about how important your website’s security is in today’s world, with the growing threat of ransomware and cyber attacks making headlines across the Internet.

With this increasing need for security, Symantec, one of the largest cyber security firms in the world, has announced and subsequently launched their Encryption Everywhere service with the ambitious goal of encrypting 100% of all websites by 2018.

Encryption Everywhere is a complete, unified suite of software that is meant to secure any digital interaction before it even gets started: in the hosting provider’s data center. By providing a provider with this security package, websites and servers can be fully secured before going live and potentially being exposed.

Encrpytion Everywhere is a full-service platform which includes a combination of encryption, authentication, and APIs all coming together to provide the most secure experience directly through a web hosting provider.

All customers receive complimentary SSL certificates with 2048 bit RSA Roots and SHA2 support, as well as a pre-shared DNS authentication key that should prove attractive for resellers.

Encryption Everywhere

While this sounds like it would and should be a great solution to the threat of cyber attacks, how exactly can Symantec make such an ambitious plan come to fruition?

By providing Encryption Everywhere directly to hosting providers, Symantec takes security a step further than the existing system of employing SSL certificates for individual websites, providing web hosting providers with full encryption for all websites and apps that are located on their servers.

With a recent Norton report indicating that 47% of all global internet users have experienced some sort of online crime, the need for a secure encryption solution across the Internet should be a pressing matter on everyone’s agenda.

While Symantec has just launched this new service and only have a handful of hosting providers signed up (InterNetX and Hostpoint to name a couple) for now, it will be definitely interesting to see how this new encryption service takes off and further secures our digital footprint.

Published on: June 11,2016.
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