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Read our HostSG review and see why its one of the best hosting providers in Singapore and Asia as a whole with a wide range of options and high performance.

HostSG is a reference point for any discussion on web hosting providers as years of industry leading relationships with clients throughout the Fortune 500 and superb functionality combine for a great service. Check out HostSG using the jump below, or dive into our HostSG review for further thoughts.

  • ProsPROS
  • Strong Singapore Service
  • Varied Hosting Options
  • * Tier 1 Network
  • ConsCONS
  • Limited Payment in S$
  • Few Freebies Many Add-ons

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HostSG Pricing & Plans

We’d be borderline criminal to leave an almost twenty-year-old hosting provider of such repute as HostSG out of a full review on our site, especially when we are talking about Singapore web hosting companies. From its inception in ’97 till now, HostSG claims a 100 % network uptime (save updates), compared to most other providers 99.9%, or even a more modest 99.5%. No matter, as everything breaks or malfunctions now and again – in industries from knifemaking to shipbuilding – the key is to minimize risk and throw a load of safeguards on top, in case things do happen to get messy. HostSG does that and more, with new-school server clustering to spread the load on proprietary multi-home servers. The company is a rubber-stamped pioneer in being the first web hosting outfit in Singapore to build a 8 Tier 1 network.HostSG Review Hosting
SharedVPS plans are perfect for those with a blog or small business, and start at S$10.70 per month. Unfortunately, you may only pay using Singapore’s currency through check or money order.

HostSG Shared Hosting

It’s altogether great to see no setup fees whatsoever, and relatively normal for pricing to be scaled to reward commitment for longer durations.

HostSG Linux VPS

HostSG also offers Linux VPS plans starting at S$42.80 per month for the smallest 20GB server space option, all the way up to the S$192.60 for 80 GB of space.

HostSG Linux Pricing

Windows options are a bit larger from the get-go, spanning 40 to 100 GB.

HostSG Windows VPS

Windows VPS without a Control Panel starts at 85.60 per month. If you’d like Plesk included, the price bumps up to $101.65. Discounts are proportionate with length of signup as is common with most other providers.

HostSG Windows Pricing

Folks who anticipate heavier traffic might rightly opt for the speedier option of using a dedicated server to better handle your Singapore hosting needs.

HostSG Dedicated Server

The hardware specs are impressive enough, but can be amped up if you need more power. A 240 GB SSD drive will only run you back an extra S$26.00 , if you really need that extra speedy load time.

SGHosting Dedicated Server Specs

Getting a Plesk Upgrade on the side is either S$5.35 for 100 domains or double that for unlimited site usage. Backups are carried out on a weekly basis, though those with daily backup needs, or those who’d like dedicated IP addresses will have to pay extra as shown below.

Parallels® Plesk Panel 10 upgrade (100 domains license)
S$5.35 monthly (S$5 w/o GST)
Parallels® Plesk Panel 10 upgrade (Unlimited domains license)
S$10.70 monthly (S$10 w/o GST)
Daily Back Up
S$32.10 monthly (S$30 w/o GST)
Additional IP Address (Max 3 Additional)
S$10.70 monthly (S$10 w/o GST)

HostSG Features

HostSG packs the full deck of hosting services you may be in the market for, from the Windows and Linux VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting plans we ran through above to dedicated servers. Bandwidth is unlimited for all plans, and any VPS or higher option gives you full root access. SSL certificates cost $50 per year.

HostSG About

Add-ons like cPanel and Plesk are available, albeit at an extra cash pop. With a 30-day no question money-back guarantee and reasonable pricing in tow, there isn’t very much to nitpick about HostSG. Give them a go right now, or read on for some thoughts on speed.

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HostSG Speed and Reliability

HostSG doesn’t mess around with the aforementioned SSD drives. Several Singapore data centers are monitored at all times by both data dat security and physical security teams. What’s more,  you may opt for your own DNS hosting to further ease the load for the fair price of $3.21 per month.

HostSG DNS Pricing

Registering your own domain is probably the popular choice and HostSG agents are ready to help you get things going.

HostSG Domain Name

Customer Service

HostSG doesn’t have LiveChat, but the 24 hour ticket support I contacted using the outlet pictured wasn’t shabby, with professional and courteous responses, albeit not to very difficult technical questions.

HostSG Support

The reason is likely due to the plethora of information on HostSG’s website, especially setup tutorial videos on everything from c/Panel to FTP to getting started with email. I found the guides exhaustive enough from users of all expertise levels without overdoing it.

HostSG Guides

There are also handy guides for configuring website access for yourself on mobile so you’re in control even while on the move.
HostSG About

HostSG Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Reputable With Service To Match
  • Varied Pricing & Plans
  • Plentiful Features
  • Excellent Tutorial Videos

I wasn’t so sure about

  • No LiveChat Support

I hated

  • Small Website Typographical Errors Could Be Easily Mopped Up

HostSg is your best bit in Singapore and a solid choice in Southeast Asia with a multiplicity of options from Cloud, Shared VPS for Linux or Windows – to speedy dedicated servers for websites with a higher workload. Click and give the 30-day money-back guarantee a go.

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Published on: June 9,2016.
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