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Read our complete GoDaddy review to see if they can make the jump from popular domain registrar to a potentially successful hosting provider.

If you are a fan of fast cars, beautiful women and affordable domain registration, you probably have heard of The popularity of the company has indeed established GoDaddy as the leading player in the domain registrar business, but not many people know that they offer pretty affordable hosting as well.

For one, low price you can register your domain, set up hosting for your website and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes from start to finish! Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, especially for newcomers to the web hosting industry.

Without delay, let’s take a look at whether GoDaddy might be right for you!

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Plans / Pricing

The plans and pricing for GoDaddy hosting pleasantly surprised us with the wide range of options that are available, from beginner shared hosting to enterprise-level dedicated servers for big businesses as well.

Godaddy-packagesAs far as packages go, the primary “Economy” plan for shared hosting is very affordable if you do not have high requirements for your website. You are allowed 1 site with up to 100 GB of space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and up to 10 MySQL databases in the economy package, with a choice between Linux with cPanel or Windows and Plesk for $4.99 a month. The only features we were slightly disappointed by was the lack of an option to pay annually (for a lower monthly price) and only being allowed up to 100 email addresses.

“Deluxe” and “Ultimate” shared hosting packages are also available for high-traffic websites, adding unlimited storage, additional email addresses and MySQL databases for $5.99 and $7.99 a month, respectively. We liked that choosing the Ultimate package also gives you a 1-year SSL certificate, a critical component for high traffic or e-commerce websites.

GoDaddy also offers WordPress, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting if you are looking for more control over your site, although these options are recommended for more advanced and high-traffic websites. If you haven’t decided what kind of hosting you need, read about the different types of hosting here.


Customer Service

Whether you are purchasing a domain through GoDaddy or taking a step further by purchasing hosting through them, customer service will certainly be one of the first things on your mind. Luckily, GoDaddy has some of the best customer service in the business with 24/7 telephone support coupled with lightning-fast live-chat support.

Email support was removed from GoDaddy in 2014 as a means of consolidating and streamlining their customer service department. While some may question this move, it is quite refreshing to see that shorter live-chat and telephone support wait times have been achieved as a result. While e-mail is one of the backbones of day-to-day Internet activity, it does lag behind faster alternatives such as a live chat rooms.

For the purposes of our review, we tested out their telephone support by calling at 4 in the morning but were pleasantly surprised to be quickly speaking with a friendly and extremely knowledgeable American representative.

Our telephone support experience went so flawlessly that we were expecting a similar experience when trying out the live chat feature. Unfortunately, both instances when we attempted to initiate a live chat session to ask about creating backups for our WordPress blog were a failure. While live chat isn’t 24 / 7 (understandably), we were unable to speak with a live person on two weekday mornings. This was somewhat disappointing, considering the benefits and convenience of live chat.


Let’s start off by saying that GoDaddy has one of the most intuitive and user-friendly interfaces out there. We were able to perform all the actions of setting up and managing a website with ease from the main control panel in what seemed like record-breaking time.GoDaddy-cpanel

GoDaddy gives the user the simple ability to manage their websites with just a few clicks of the mouse. Utilizing cPanel, we were able to comfortably choose between 1 clicking installing your choice of popular web applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

The cPanel interface for GoDaddy also gives you easy access to e-mail services, giving you quick and in-depth control over email accounts for your website. Unfortunately, one of the few negatives we encountered while conducting the review was the subsequent e-mail spam we received from GoDaddy affiliates after setting up our test WordPress blog.

Database management is critical for a website, especially if you are running multiple web applications, as this is what keeps your backend data organized and accessible. We were really impressed by GoDaddy’s MySQL interface, as it allowed us to easy control over our databases and the ability to quickly add or remove users.


Reliability / Speed

As we mentioned previously, GoDaddy has a stellar background in the web domain business, but how does their hosting perform compared to other industry leaders? After some speed and reliability testing via Pingdom, we found that GoDaddy hosting not only held it’s own ground, but in some cases outperformed other hosting companies we have previously reviewed.

GoDaddy advertises 99.9% uptime on their website, a statistic that is widely used in the industry, albeit a claim that isn’t always backed up. Of course uptime is nothing to play around with, as it is one of the most important aspects you have to consider when looking for a hosting provider. Luckily, GoDaddy did not disappoint on the Pingdom uptime monitor, as we achieved 0 minutes of downtime in our week-long test!

GoDaddy-pingdom-uptimePage load times are also another critical statistic of web hosting, nobody wants to wait for half a minute to load your website when they can just hit back and load another page in the blink of an eye. GoDaddy advertises their hosting plans as having “industry-leading” page load times, and after running some tests, we can hardly argue with their claim. The industry standard for page load times hovers between 1-2 seconds, with our tests showing a remarkable 1.36 second page load time for our test site (>1 MB page).



For any website that collects or stores user data (such as a web shop), site security is understandably quite important. Protecting your visitor’s data (and displaying that you actually do) gives them the peace of mind and confidence to not only visit your website once but on a regular basis as well.

GoDaddy-security services

GoDaddy has a separate security department that handles all security related issues 24 / 7. The safety and protection of your site shouldn’t be overlooked in the digital age, but if problems arise you can take comfort in knowing that someone from the GoDaddy security department will be looking into your issue.

GoDaddy’s servers are anchored by a massive data center in Phoenix, Arizona that is an estimated 320,000 square feet in size. Hosting ~10 million websites requires a powerful and secure data center that can handle heavy traffic while giving adequate protection from potential attacks.

GoDaddy offers Sitelock, an additional security tool that offers daily malware scans and protection from hacker threats starting at $1.49 a month. While not entirely necessary for low-traffic sites, the added security provided by Sitelock makes it quite important for any growing business.GoDaddy-security

Another potential investment for high-traffic websites is GoDaddy’s Premium DNS service for an additional $2.39 a month, giving your website additional security and performance. Your website’s DNS will be placed on GoDaddy’s global network, preventing hackers from rerouting your site’s traffic while also increasing your site’s speed and reliability.


Newcomers to the web hosting industry have probably heard of GoDaddy as a domain registrar, but probably not so much about their hosting. While we were pleasantly surprised by most aspects, some more advanced features were certainly left to be desired.

We really liked GoDaddy’s affordable hosting packages (especially Shared hosting), as they provide a nice entry-level solution while enjoying the convenience of consolidating the complete web hosting process.

We were slightly disappointed by some of the payment options (inability to pay annually for basic packages), as well as some skimpy limits on email addresses and databases, granted these are some pretty minor details.

If you are a newcomer to the web hosting scene or just a fan of a simple, streamlined process to get your website up and running, give GoDaddy hosting a try! With a full refund policy extending to 45 days from the date of purchase, you don’t have much to lose!

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Published on: October 19,2015.
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