What is BestHosting?

I run a few websites, and it’s always been a pain finding decent hosting. I’ve had massive disputes with hosting companies, some of them even threatening me, other times my server just crashed and there was no support. This website aims to help with that problem. It’s a comparison tool for hosting.

How are services compared?

You can select what features and extras you want from your hosting, and we will create a list for you that you can browse. It’s quite simple really. My motto is always simplicity, so I’ve tried to make the site like this. We’ve made a unique script that is extremely quick at comparing hosting for your needs.

How are hosting services added?

We are adding new companies every day, if you want to be listed and are not, contact us now. We add all plans, all features we can find on websites. This not an easy task a provider of hosting can have over 20 different plans, each with 50-100 different services, all of these need to be added. We’ve worked extremely hard to create the product.

How do you make money, why do this?

Some of the companies (not all!!) listed pay us commission when we refer new customers to them. A simple model, and it’s a great way for us to keep this great product running. This way searching for a hosting provider stays free for you.