cPanel vs. Plesk: Which one to choose?


cPanel and Plesk are two behemoths in web hosting control panels, and they are really good with a multitude of features. Both are equally good but there are still enough differences that help them acquire enough fans arguing with each other. The thing is, it is so difficult to say which one is better as what cPanel offers and what Plesk provides are very different. This article aims to compare the two in five distinct points.cpanelvsplesk
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Operating system support

For Windows server users, there is nothing better than Plesk. If there is ever a cPanel vs. Plesk debate on Windows, Plesk will win hands down since cPanel does not work on Windows at all. There are other Windows-based hosting control panels but none are as good as Plesk. cPanel supports CentOS, BSD flavored *nix distros, FreeBSD and Red Hat. For Plesk, it runs on Windows, Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. So the debate is still raging on the Linux front.

User interface

We love cPanel, but here we will have to give the crown to Plesk. Both seasoned users and novices can easily use Plesk without fumbling around. cPanel just has a bit more complicated UI and isn’t overly intuitive. However, if you have used hosting control panels, we are sure that you are already familiar with cPanel because of its sheer popularity. We cannot quite decide on this one and will give them a tie.

Subscription cost

Both control panels cost to be installed on your web server. But depend on how long you intend to use, either one maybe more economical. cPanel has only one plan, called the unlimited package, at $35 a month expense. That’s pricey, yes but good if you don’t like limits. Plesk has a few plans for short term use, such as 100 domains plan at $40 a month. Then there is Small Business Panel for VPS users to host unlimited accounts for $70 a month. There are also plans for one and fiver user packs. So there is no prizes given out here, as which one wins will depend on you.


Setup and use

cPanel is actually cPanel/WHM, two codependent applications in a suit. So cPanel is for each domains while WHM is for server administrators or resellers. Installation will bring both on your server, but interface won’t be the same. For Plesk, it allows both admins and domain owners to log into their accounts from a single point. For an admin, you get more tools and features, as well as privileges. Simple as that. So we would say that setting up Plesk and using it is less complicated.


Both cPanel and Plesk will allow free migration (from one server to another using a control panel) if you are using the same control panel. cPanel to cPanel or Plesk to Plesk is just fine, and it is quite easy too. However, from one control panel to another is a bit tricky. You can purchase advance migration from both companies for that. Both Plesk and cPanel have their own systems, but this one is up to a hot debate since it is not always easy to migrate from one control panel to another. It is a complicated process, one we won’t advise you to undertake unless you have sufficient sysadmin experiences or have access to one.
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Published on: June 20,2013.
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