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Are you a small business looking to start a virtual store to sell your products? Read our BigCommerce review to see if their service is right for you!

BigCommerce is one of the big guns when it comes to providing users the ability to start a business online through selling goods and services. Being in business since 2012, BigCommerce offers full customization and management of your own virtual store front without the added headache of managing your own server.

The company’s high-quality performance is unwavering up to this point. It has great security measures, great customer service and has three plan options with very reasonable prices. Although not too different from services such as Shopify or Volusion, BigCommerce stands apart for the wide array of features included with each plan as well as a 15-day free trial!

If you are thinking of jumping to e-commerce, BigCommerce is the best consideration you can pick. You can’t seemingly go wrong with this powerful platform. Keep reading our BigCommerce review to find out more!

  • ProsPROS
  • 15-day free trial
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Tons of responsive themes to choose from
  • ConsCONS
  • Not a lot of developer access
  • No money-back guarantee

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BigCommerce Pricing & Plans

BigCommerce has a variety of plans with very reasonable prices. All the plans include features that are unique that makes its price more sensible than others. Since, BigCommerce offer variety of plans, you can surely find one that is very affordable and suitable for your budget. Standard Plans costs $29.95 per month. It includes basic setup with 3 gigabyte storage and 20,000 per hour API calls. The Standard Plan deducts 1.5 percent in every transaction you made in your online store.

BigCommerce pricing

The Plus Plan costs $79.95 per month. The plan includes basic setup plus Google Trusted Store data feed automation, abandon cart saver, loyalty marketing and sell everywhere features with unlimited storage and 20,000 per hour API calls with no transaction fee.

Pro plans cost $199.95. The plan has same features as the Gold Plan but has 60,000 per hour API calls capacity. It also includes one-step setup and data migration. If you have even further needs, you can also order a custom plan via telephone from BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is more transparent than other platforms when it comes to their pricing. What you see is what you pay. The prices are clearly stated free from hidden costs and other things that limit your capabilities as a user.

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce provides different tools for a secured e-commerce venture. The surplus this platforms featured tools include a working website and domain name, a secure shopping cart, a product catalog, payment gateway, customized email accounts, marketing tools, reporting tools and a mobile optimized store.

The platform has easy to follow basic set-up that allows users to point and click when creating a fully functional online store. It is equipped with the right built-in marketing tools for easy transactions. For instance, a product catalog creates a more convenient shopping experience to your customers; a wide range of payment gateway allows your customers to pay you in different method; and, a secured shopping cart will keep the customers and their product orders well protected.BigCommerce payments

BigCommerce also features well-established instruments to give your store search engine dominance and help improve rankings with e-commerce search engine optimization. It also has social media integration, newsletters and generated list of customers that can further boost your online presence and generate more and more traffic resulting to great conversions. Monitoring your sales and traffic can be easy too with its reporting tools that allow you to access different statistics and figures you need.

Mobile responsiveness on all site themes also gives your store a wider reach as well as convenience to your potential customers. Among the best feature of this platform is the bank volt security. This feature makes website access and information hacker-proof. The website also has a 24/7 customer service line to tend you in times you need help.

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BigCommerce Speed and Reliability

One of the coolest features of the Bigcommerce platform is its wide selection of web design templates for your online store. Each template has an easy point and click design that can also be customized using CSS and HTML, but that’s about all the developer access you get. There are a variety of themes to choose from; each can give your online store its own personality. All of the designs are usually clean and easy to navigate to give your customers quick access to your store’s pages and categories.

BigCommerce themes

Equipped with the best website and marketing tools, BigCommerce has the most advanced features that can pump up your marketing venture. The product includes not only basic setup, but also great strategy-based platforms to help you rank in search engines and drive more and more customers to your website.

BigCommerce’s website design also gives your website clean and functional interface that facilitates easy navigation. The e-commerce platform gives you full control over your products. You can fully customized product options including flexible product rules and inventory tools. The platform facilitates smooth business operations by integrating a huge number of accounting and marketing management and inventory management system.

BigCommerce extras

BigCommerce also touts its competence in bringing your product to a wider reach. The platform sells your products in almost all platforms including social media and other online stores like eBay. BigCommerce is more secured as it protects website by initiating hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls. These means your online store is highly protected from potential threats.

BigCommerce Customer Service

BigCommerce’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to tend users in case they needed help. You can contact them via live chat or non-voice customer support. You may also contact them at their telephone numbers or sent a ticket through the form available on their contact page.

BigCommerce support

Also, parts of BigCommerce’s customer support are the more than 500 support tutorials and articles as well as videos and webinars available on their BigCommerce University page. You may also join and interact with other store owners using the BigCommerce platform in an online community especially made for users. Their great customer support covers you in any way or another.

You can try BigCommerce’s platform by signing up to their free 15-day trial, but keep in mind that there is no money-back guarantee currently offered by BigCommerce, so take advantage of their free trial and try them out before you commit!

BigCommerce Review Conclusion

I liked

  • 15-day free trial
  • Dozens of mobile-responsive site themes
  • Lots of payment options

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Some slightly higher prices

I hated

  • Not a lot of developer options
  • No money-back guarantee

While BigCommerce offers a largely similar service to Shopify and Volusion, they stand out from the rest with tons of extra features and payment options which makes customizing your own virtual storefront a breeze.

While the absence of a money-back guarantee is slightly worrying, their 15-day free trial allows you to try out their service before financially committing. Give BigCommerce a try today!

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Published on: May 31,2016.
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