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Read our Arvixe review to see if their extremely affordable shared hosting and numerous free add-ons can make up for the EIG affiliation.

In our continuous search for quality web hosting, we arrive at another company who has been acquired by hosting monolith Endurance International Group. We’ve mentioned our problems with EIG in the past (check out our HostGator or iPage review), but we also try to start everyone off with a blank slate, even with such a shoddy reputation.

Founded in 2003 in California, Arvixe has grown to become a true juggernaut in the hosting scene, with thousands of customers and multiple awards recognizing their success. While low prices and sleek software have been an integral part of Arvixe’s offerings for years now, the EIG merger has since placed a metaphorical black cloud over Arvixe’s reputation, with customer service and server uptime being the most concerning issues.

Nevertheless, let’s take a glance at Arvixe and see if they shed EIG’s bad reputation, read more after the break!

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Arvixe Plans / Pricing

Arvixe offers the usual options when it comes to web hosting: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller. Customers have their choice between Linux and Windows hosting for the packages, although the Windows plans will run you a couple extra dollars a month.

Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are included in all Shared packages, and we were happy to learn that Arvixe gives customers a free domain name for the life of their subscription. Prices are somewhat standard across the board, being slightly lower than Bluehost but somewhat higher than iPage.

Arvixe also splits Shared hosting into two separate categories, with a “Personal” and a “Business” tier available. The Personal tier is quite your standard shared hosting plan with features we’ve come to expect with entry-level plans while the Business packages are geared for more resource-intensive websites. Designed to increase performance and uptime by decreasing the amount of sites that you share resources with on your server, Business plans also include a Dedicated IP and an SSL certificate for the life of your subscription.



There are also 3 VPS hosting plans to choose from if you are stuck deciding between Shared and Dedicated hosting, with great added value in the form of a free lifetime domain name and SSL certificate. Arvixe stresses flexibility and scaling with their VPS plans, with additional disk space ($10 per 15 GB) and RAM upgrades (RAM per GB) available.


Dedicated hosting for high traffic websites is also available, with single processor servers starting at $175 a month and multi-processor servers at $359 a month. If you are looking for the benefits of a dedicated server without the high prices, cloud hosting is available as a cheaper alternative starting at $108 a month.

An important side note is that Arvixe does offer month-to-month pricing plans, something that is not usually available with most hosting companies.

Arvixe Customer Service

Arvixe has recently taken a hit on their customer service reputation, interestingly enough (or not?) beginning soon after the EIG acquisition in November of 2014. In order to have a clear and unbiased understanding of Arvixe’s customer service, we tested their live chat and telephone support, asking technical questions that would require a certain level of understanding from the customer service representative.Arvixe_live_chat

Our live chat session was surprisingly quick and painless, with a rep answering our question about moving our WordPress blog over to a new Arvixe VPS in less than 5 minutes! This was especially satisfying as we were given notice that our wait time would be long. We were also quite pleased with how instead of giving us a link to a generic FAQ site (as is the norm for live chat sessions these days), the rep gave us a detailed response within the chat window itself.


Our telephone support experience was similarly painless and quick, which considering our doubts about EIG’s customer service track record, was quite the pleasant surprise. We tested by calling at 8 AM EST on a Monday and were shocked that we only had to wait around 5 minutes for our call to be answered. The representative had quite a heavy accent which made it difficult to understand some parts of the conversation, but overall gave a satisfactory answer to our cPanel related question.


It seems that Arvixe has avoided the same fate that others who have been purchased by EIG have suffered, with our customer service tests being quite successful. Of course, there are multiple reviews and ratings on the internet that will say otherwise, so keep that in mind as well. Arvixe has developed a negative reputation over the last year since EIG’s purchase.

Arvixe Reliability / Speed

The reliability and speed of your website are perhaps the most important aspects keeping constant traffic coming to your website. If a visitor has to spend a lot of time loading your website, the chances of them waiting for what seems like an eternity are slim to none.

Arvixe has some issues with uptime, most of which is pretty well-documented on the internet, but as far as speeds go, their servers continually rank among the best in the business.

As you can see below, our speed tests were quite successful, hovering around the one-second mark with our fastest speed recorded being .86 seconds in a Dallas, TX speed test. While we knew that Arvixe was going to have some pretty good page load times, we weren’t expecting them to blow everyone else out of the water!


As far as uptime and reliability go, it is important to note that Arvixe has encountered a lot of negative press over the past year (mainly since the EIG acquisition) for their uptime and reliability. In our uptime tests, we failed to see any reliability problems, but there must be some degree of truth to all the complaints, so keep that in mind when deciding on Arvixe.

Arvixe Security

Arvixe has extensive measures in place to protect your website from any kind of downtime. Daily security updates are part of Arvixe’s security infrastructure, along with the usual DDOS and brute force protection we’ve come to see as standard these days.

All servers are equipped with RAID 10 hard drives, meaning that your data is safely split up among several hard drives in order to protect from data loss. A complete power management system with backup power supplies at their main Dallas, TX data center means that power will run uninterrupted in case of a power outage.


If you are looking for additional security and reliability for your website, Arvixe offers the option of an SSL and CDN for your website, increasing the integrity and performance of your website as a result.

Arvixe Interface

Arvixe has a pretty standard Linux cPanel interface, with e-mail, one click installs and database management all easily accessible. While nothing really stands out, the control panel is fully customizable through a drag and drop process, meaning you can organize the control panel to your liking.


We enjoyed that you can create and manage your own backups from the comfort of the control panel while FTP access and log viewing are a simple process with a few clicks as well.Arvixe_filemanager

Windows users can enjoy DotNetPanel, the industry-leading control panel designed for Windows hosting management. The interface is easy to understand even for someone without specific technical knowledge.

Accessing e-mail is also relatively easy, thanks to Arvixe utilizing hMail open source email servers for their e-mail backend. With an unlimited amount of e-mail addresses Included in all hosting plans, it was nice to see Arvixe create an e-mail friendly interface to access all your accounts.

Arvixe Hosting Conclusion

We liked

  • Low prices
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Free domain name included

We weren’t so sure about

  • Uptime issues
  • Some concern with customer service

We hated

  • EIG acquisition

So, does Arvixe shed the bad reputation of being associated with EIG? With only a year of EIG-control over the company, we can’t say for certain that they have taken steps in the wrong direction, although there is plenty of criticism elsewhere on the internet.

Based on our analysis and testing, we found Arvixe to be a quality host who has some issues with reliability but makes up for this with fast page load times and a user-friendly interface.

With a 90 day money back guarantee that is one of the longest in the hosting industry, Arvixe is definitely worth a shot, so give them a try today and let us know your thoughts!

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Published on: December 15,2015.
Thomas Ujj is an expat/traveler and IT enthusiast with a passion for IT security and privacy. When he isn’t planning his next trip, he likes to take time to practice his Italian cooking as well as religiously watching Italian football team AS Roma.

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