5 Best Hosting For TYPO3

The TYPO3 CMS is a enterprise-level, open source content management system that is used to build and manage websites of all types. It is at home powering small sites, non-profits, and small businesses as well as large multilingual enterprise solutions.

TYPO3 is one of the oldest of the content management systems under active development; it was introduced in 1997 and is free and open source. There is no commercial version. The current version is 6.2.3. The software is available in more than 50 languages and has a built-in localization system. It is supported by more than 6,000 extensions which are available in the TYPO3 Extensions Repository (TER) at typo3.org.

It is more popular in Europe than the US and its multilingual capabilities make it an excellent choice for international use cases. It is currently used in more than 500,000 installations.

TYPO3 is based on PHP, SQL, and Javascript and can run on the Linux, Windows, or Macintosh platforms. It runs on the major web servers including Apache and Apache-compatibles and Microsoft IIS. It requires a SQL back-end and is compatible with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and others. However, some extensions are compatible only with MySQL.

As a mature CMS, TYPO3 can be used for medium sized applications that can also be powered by WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. But it is also well suited for enterprise level applications. Since it is capable of supporting a corporate environment, it’s considered an enterprise level content management system.

Needless to say, an enterprise-level site will require a lot of system resources.

The Best 5

We recommend some of the leading Cloud VPS providers in our database plus and some premium shared hosting providers who also offer excellent VPS plans. The right choice for you depends on the scope and complexity of your site!

  • VPS.net: Managed and unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting with 18 datacenters all over the world,
  • Digital Ocean : Developer-oriented Cloud VPS at ordinary Shared hosting prices,
  • A Small Orange : Business Shared hosting and managed VPS plans that use Apache and Nginx in tandem,
  • Rackspace : High performance Cloud VPS and Dedicated server plans for enterprise-level use cases.
  • Arvixe : Business Shared hosting and VPS plans.

Read more about them after the break!


Rank Provider Starting Price


vpsnet $20/mo Visit Site


digitalocean-logo $5/mo Visit Site


asmallorange-logo-320x80 $20/mo Visit Site


rackspace $29.20/mo Visit Site


arvixe-logo $22/mo Visit Site

Winner – VPS.NET – From $20/month


As the name suggests, VPS.net offers only VPS hosting and they specialize in Cloud VPS hosting. Cloud VPS servers can re-size on demand without reboot while remaining online. This ability is often advertised as “auto-scaling”, “auto-healing”, “elastic service”, and so forth. Capacity expands to meet heavy demands and cloud servers can take over if your main server goes down. If 99.99% uptime just isn’t good enough, you need a Cloud VPS host.

VPS.net claims 99.99% uptime, which ought to be realistic for a Cloud VPS host. This is important to any business who needs to be online around the clock.

Datacenter Locations

Here is the complete list of their datacenters. You choose your server’s location when you sign up.

  • Asia: Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi
  • Australia: Sydney
  • UK: London, Manchester
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt
  • South America: Sao Paulo
  • Canada: Montreal
  • US: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D. C.

VPS.net has a huge selection of plans; the unmanaged cloud VPS is is a great balance between cost and capability.

Unmanaged Cloud VPS Plans

Here are their plans in the $120/mo and below range:

# Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 512MB 10GB 3TB $20/mo
2 1GB 20GB 6TB $40/mo
3 1.5GB 30GB 9TB $60/mo
4 2GB 40GB 12TB $80/mo
5 2.5GB 50GB 15TB $100/mo
6 3GB 60GB 18TB $120/mo

1. Full management is a $69/mo option.
2. The cPanel is a $10/mo option.

VPS.net describes these plans as “semi-managed”. That means:

We make sure we are here for you. We provide 24×7 support via live chat, email and phone. Should you have any problems with the software that comes with your server then we can help you out with the basic free of charge. More complex issue may require our paid for Fully Managed support.

It seems that “semi-managed” means that they are there to assist but you are the primary system administrator, not them. For many people, this is a good balance since a VPS customer is often an experienced webmaster and can handle all the routine tasks themselves. Unmanaged and semi-managed plans are cheaper than a fully-managed plan, so semi-managed or unmanaged is smart if you are ready for the responsibility.

The VPS.net plans are upgradable in units that they call “nodes”. You can add additional VPS nodes to scale up if you want. The additional system resources will be multiples of the basic node. You can scale up or down without any downtime.

Fully-Managed Cloud VPS Plans

For those who are looking for the fully-managed and supported flavor of VPS, VPS.net has another line of plans for you. Of course, the support is reflected in the price. Here are their three Managed Cloud VPS plans:

Nodes RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
2 1GB 20GB 6TB $135/mo
4 2GB 40GB 12TB $165/mo
8 4GB 80GB 24TB $245/mo

These plans include the cPanel control panel and Softaculous installer, 100% uptime guarantee (hey, its a Cloud VPS backed by 18 datacenters!), automatic backup, 24/7 technical support,and fully-managed service. This is for business class customers who need to be online every moment of every day.

Their managed Cloud VPS plans offer:

  • Fully-managed support
  • cPanel/WHM/Softaculous
  • SSH
  • Optimized for Joomla and WordPress
  • SSL certificate
  • Remote daily backups
  • Two dedicated IPs
  • Hosting in the cloud


2. Digital Ocean – From $5/mo + $0.02/GB


Digital Ocean is a relatively young hosting company. It is unabashedly “by developers and for developers”. It offers only self-managed (a.k.a, unmanaged) Cloud VPS and nothing else. They don’t even offer any shared hosting plans and they don’t have a Managed VPS option either. They use only SSD storage and emphasize speed and performance in other ways as well. For example, they boast that they provision a new VPS in only 55 seconds — as if 5 minutes was unacceptable.

They are based in New York and have servers in New York, SF, Singapore, and Amsterdam. You choose the location of your server when you set up your VPS.

They boast 99.99% uptime — and that should be true since it is a cloud VPS hosting company. If your site goes down somehow, they will credit your account for the amount of time that it was not available.

With Digital Ocean, you get more computer resources per dollar than any VPS provider. In particular, their little $5/mo plan is actually a powerful cloud VPS that easily delivers world-class performance but at Shared hosting prices. And that $5/mo is the real month-to-month price — not one of those “its $5/mo only if you sign a 3-year contract” teasers.

By the way, it’s $5/mo if you use the whole month. Billing is actually by the hour! You are only billed for the time you use it. You can take advantage of this policy by spinning up a VPS, trying something out for a day or two, and then backing it up and shutting it down. You are only billed for the time it was up.

Digital Ocean has a strong personality. The downside is that there’s no creature comforts in your digital home: There no comforting cPanel (unless you buy a license and install it yourself!) and you work from the Unix command line.

Your first step, then, is to install the stack of your choice and populate it with the tools and apps that you want to run. In the process, you can customize every detail of your VPS.

Speaking of idiosyncrasies, they offer none of the familiar installers or panels. They do have a panel of their own that you use to create a new VPS. In their lingo, a VPS is called a “droplet”. You can begin by creating a droplet that installs the core components of your site. If you really want to configure the VPS totally on your own, you can choose a droplet that installs only an empty LAMP stack. With root access in your hot little hands, you hit the Unix command line and install anything you like!

Digital Ocean Pricing Table

Digital Ocean does not need to bear the costs of managed hosting, so they run mean and lean. The excellent support is in the form of email to the staff, the library of tech notes and tutorials, and the community of developer/users.

Notice that their cheapest plans give you more storage and bandwidth for the money than many shared hosting plans.

# Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 512KB 20GB 1TB $5/mo
1 1GB 30GB 2TB $10/mo
2 2GB 40GB 3TB $20/mo
2 4GB 60GB 4TB $40/mo
4 8GB 80GB 5TB $80/mo
8 16GB 160GB 6TB $160/mo
12 32GB 320GB 7TB $320/mo
16 48GB 480GB 8TB $480/mo
20 64GB 640GB 9TB $640/mo

If you exceed the bandwidth of your plan, you are charged $0.02 per GB.

If you want the chance to be the sysadmin yourself, you will love it. If you want a VPS but prefer something that isn’t at the bare metal, check out a fully-managed VPS like A Small Orange.

Visit Digital Ocean

3. A Small Orange – From $20/mo


Founded in 2003 in Atlanta, A Small Orange’s (ASO) mission statement is to provide the best quality service at an affordable cost. They claim 99.9% uptime and offer an unusually generous 90-day money-back guarantee. They have a long term policy of not overbooking their shared servers and a good rep among the geeks for that and for quality technical support.

They claim 99.9% uptime and offer an unusually generous 90 day money-back guarantee. They do have a long term policy of not overbooking their shared servers and a good rep among the geeks for that and for quality technical support. They recently upgraded their plans to SSD storage at no extra cost.

Business Shared Hosting Plans

ASO has a line of premium level Shared hosting plans that is midway between their entry level Shared hosting plans and Cloud VPS. The Business Shared hosting line features fully redundant hardware with automatic failover. It is rated as 99.99% uptime and daily backup is part of the service.

The Business class plans are also configured for e-commerce. A private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address are included.

They have three Business plans, Startup, Small Business, and Enterprise. Here they are:

Plan Storage Bandwidth SSL Cert. PCI Comp. Price
Startup 10GB 100GB yes yes $20/mo
Small Business 20GB 200GB yes yes $40/mo
Enterprise 30GB 300GB yes yes $60/mo

1. Storage is on high speed mechanical disks with SSD caching.
2. Automatic daily backups are included.

Managed Cloud VPS Plans

ASO’s VPS prices don’t necessarily stand out — until you learn that this is fully-managed Cloud VPS hosting that uses 2.5GHz Xeon CPUs and SSD storage. If you shop around half as much as we have, you’ll see that these features can easily add an extra $50/mo to the base charge. This is especially true after you throw in the cPanel. It is included in ASO’s VPS plans. Since a panel is included, be sure you specify enough additional horsepower to manage the interface.

# Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 1GB 15GB 600GB $25/mo
1 1.28GB 20GB 700GB $30/mo
2 1.5GB 30GB 800GB $40/mo
2 2.5GB 50GB 1200GB $60/mo
4 3GB 70GB 1400GB $80/mo
4 3.5GB 90GB 1600GB $100/mo
4 4GB 110GB 1800GB $120/mo
6 5GB 130GB 2000GB $150/mo
6 6GB 150GB 2200GB $180/mo

1. The cPanel is included.
2. Each core is equal to a 2.5GHz Xeon or better.
3. Plans include 24/7 tech support & 90-day money-back guarantee.
3. Plans include SSD storage in RAID-50.
4. Backups are included.

Recently ASO added a dual server configuration to their lineup. It uses both Apache and Nginx in tandem. It is marketed under the name “Nginx Acceleration Stack” and is available for no charge in their Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server customers.

We like this term; it captures the notion that it isn’t either a standard LAMP or a LEMP stack, but combines both to enhance stack performance. In their words, it:

…serves static content in a transparent reverse proxy…This reduces the load request on the Apache web server, allowing it to handle only dynamic content requests. The setup is entirely transparent to cPanel, Apache, and the underlying user subsystem…

Moreover, they also support several command line tools that enable or disable the caching globally or tweak the caching for particular users and particular situations. This is the state-of-the-art in moderately priced web service.

They also have a premium “Managed SEO Services” plan as a high cost option. It is only for business and promises to hand tune your site for maximum SEO.

Environmentally friendly technology is being used by ASO for its datacenters. By using a reproductive power management system, they are adding 1.5KWh to the power grid for every 1KWh used by their hosting servers.

Visit A Small Orange

4. Rackspace – From $29.20/month


Rackspace is one of the leading providers of state-of-the-art cloud virtual and dedicated hosting. Rackspace specializes in big data problems and meets the challenge with their own open source operating system and support services.

For example, one signature customer is CERN, who tracks the data produced by the LHC using a custom Rackspace solution. That’s Big Data! Rackspace offers expertise and facilities for Hadoop installations, the open source framework that is the based on the (proprietary) Google File System and is used by Amazon to power its online store.

Rackspace’s Background

Rackspace was founded in 1998 in San Antonio, TX and has 9 datacenters at 6 locations around the world:

  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Virginia
  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney

One of Rackspace’s claims to fame is that they and NASA developed OpenStack®, an open source cloud computing platform. The purpose of OpenStack is to offer true cloud computing on standard hardware.

Their entire service line includes what they call a “hybrid cloud” that consists of different types of cloud services. A customer can choose the type of service that best meets their needs.

  • Public cloud: Pay-as-you-go scalability, ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic
  • Private cloud: Enhanced security and ultimate control.
  • Dedicated server: Ultra-fast performance and reliability.

They charge by the minute rather than by the month and prices also depend on your choice of OS. For example, there’s a lower rate for “Linux” than for “Red Hat Enterprise Linux” (commercial and supported) and, of course, another rate for Windows hosting.

As befitting an innovative cloud infrastructure, they claim 100% network uptime. Rackspace guarantees the functioning of all hardware components and replaces of failed components at no cost to the customer. If service somehow fails, they will issue a credit of 5% of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of downtime, up to 100% of the monthly fee for the affected server.

As far as customer support is concerned, they modestly claim to offer Fanatical Support®. Their goal is to help ambitious but technically inexperienced companies grow their internet presence. Normally this type of expertise has to be provided by (high priced) external consultants, but “fanatical support” is part of management. Think of it as high-tech handholding.

Public Cloud VPS Plans

It’s obvious that the array of services that Rackspace offers is larger, more varied, and extends to bigger data problems than the normal hosting provider. It borders on offering a customized solution for each customer — although they do offer a line of “off the shelf” plans for customers with normal needs. These plans can be compared to providers like VPS.net and Digital Ocean.

Public Cloud Plans

This is a sampling of their Public Cloud range of plans that are designed for relatively small projects — small in comparison to the LHC!

This category of plans is best suited for web servers, batch processing, network appliances, small databases, and most general-purpose computing workloads. Normal stuff.

Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price (unmanaged) Price (managed)
1GB 1 1GB 20GB 200Mb/sec $29.20/mo $116.00/mo
2GB+ 2 2GB 60GB 400Mb/sec $58.40/mo $146.00/mo
4GB 4 4GB 80GB 800Mb/sec $116.80/mo $204.40/mo
8GB 8 8GB 120GB 1,600Mb/sec $233.60/mo $321.20/mo

For more ambitious plans, prices head north!

Visit Rackspace

5. Arvixe – From $22/month


Arvixe was founded in 2003 and has become a mature hosting provider with a plethora of packages, options, and types of hosting services. They offer different grades of shared hosting as well as VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting. They’re unusual in that they don’t specialize in one platform over another. Rather, they offer parallel lines of plans for both Linux and Windows.

The corresponding Windows plan always costs a bit more than the Linux plan since they need to cover the cost of the Microsoft license, but the sets of plans are designed to run in parallel.

Since TYPO3 can run on either platform, both lines of plans may be of interest to you. We discuss the details of the Linux plans here.

Shared Hosting Plans

They have two levels of Shared hosting — Personal and Business class — and parallel plans for both Linux and Windows hosting. Personal Class Linux is an “unlimited everything” shared hosting plan that sells for $4 and $7 a month (6 domains and unlimited domains, respectively). We doubt that entry-level Shared hosting is adequate to take advantage of TYPO3.

Business Class Shared Hosting

For a small to medium-sized TYPO3 site, Business Class may have enough horsepower to do the job. The Business Class plan costs $22/mo and Business Class Pro is $35/mo. The former is limited to six sites while the latter is unlimited. These plans to not overbook their servers. The cost differential between Personal and Business is proportional to the number of accounts per server. Business Class is midway between entry-level Shared hosting and VPS. If your TYPO3 site is modest, you may get by with Business Class hosting.

Business Class customers get a free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address so you can conduct e-commerce on the site.

VPS Class Plans

It’s much more likely that your TYPO3 site will be happier on a VPS or Dedicated server. VPS Class and VPS Class Pro are priced at $40/mo and $70/mo. These two plans are fully managed and come with the cPanel/WHM, the Softaculous installer, and the Cloudflare CDN. These are excellent values in managed VPS plans, but you can get more horsepower per dollar at an unmanaged VPS provider like Digital Ocean.

Name Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
VPS Class 4 1.5GB 50GB Unlimited $40/mo
VPS Class Pro 8 3GB 100GB Unlimited $70/mo

1.These plans both include an SSL certificate for life.
2. Both plans are PCI Compliant.
3. Both plans provide root access.
4. The dedicated IP address is $2/mo.
5. SSD storage is $10/mo.
6. 1GB RAM is $20/mo.

Visit Arvixe


A good VPS is always an investment so you will want to choose a good one. We’ve suggested several great Cloud VPS specialists and a couple of providers who also offer premium Shared hosting plans. You’re using an enterprise-level CMS, after all. If you want to find out other companies, then use hosting services comparison tool to find them and evaluate them yourself.


Rank Provider Starting Price


vpsnet $20/mo Visit Site


digitalocean-logo $5/mo Visit Site


asmallorange-logo-320x80 $20/mo Visit Site


rackspace $29.20/mo Visit Site


arvixe-logo $22/mo Visit Site

Published on: May 24,2014.

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