5 Best Hosting For SilverStripe

Sometimes, building a website using CMS is not as easy as we imagine to be.

Sure, they are all awesome and take away a lot of work from us. We don’t have to do all the codings and stuffs from the square one, and we can build really big websites in relatively short time. But there are still a few issues.

First of all, not all content management systems are created equal. A CMS made for developers will not be easy to use for designers, and one created with designers in mind may frustrate developers. The same goes for different aspects of websites we want to build. Some CMS are really strong in creating blogs, while others are more suitable for corporate websites that require complex things.

The biggest pet peeve many regular CMS users have is in customizing the website design. A lot of CMS like Joomla or Plone are a bit restrictive in how a website can look. Sure, you can customize it if you know what you are doing, but out of the box, it is not exactly intuitive or easy. SilverStripe is created to change that.

SilverStripe, while created for website editors and web designers in mind, also sports a robust framework created for developers. Using the framework, the developers can create any kinds of extensions or plugins they want for SilverStripe.

So here is a list of 5 best hosting firms for those who want to find good host for their SilverStripe site, after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price


site5-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site


eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site


webhostingbuzz-logo-large $4.95/mo Visit Site


MDD-Hosting-logo $80/year Visit Site


arvixe-logo $4/mo Visit Site

Winner – Site5 – From $4.95/month


We can’t quite decide if we should give Site5 or Eleven2 for #1 in this list but then Site5’s awesome customer support SLA gives them a slight edge here, so Site5 is the winner here.

Not many hosting companies are confident about their own services like Site5. They even have a customer support SLA which stated that if their customer service team does not respond to your support request within 24 hours, they will credit your account as an apology. That’s how confident and committed they are. They also have uptime guarantee of 99.99% for all their servers so basically, there will only be 10.4 minutes of downtime a week, although to our experience it is a lot closer to 100%.

The company has been around since 1998, and currently operating 250 servers in 18 data centers located across different locations in the world (mostly in US). Site5 is a home for over 200,000 domains, and that breaks down to about 800 domains per server. With their powerful hardware, that’s a fair number without bogging down the system resources.

There is no one-click installation for SilverStripe but it is easy enough. The shared hosting plans will start from $4.95 a month, and even the highest priced plan will cost you only $11.95 a month. All shared hosting plans come with unlimited disk space and data transfer.

If you want something with better load-balancing, 100% uptime guarantee and multi-server solutions, then go with cloud hosting options. They start from $20 a month, come with scaling options and a dedicated IP address.

Visit Site5

2. Eleven2 – From $4.95/month


SilverStripe needs LAMP stack, and a fast one at that. For that, we are going to rave about Eleven2 again. Why? Because they rock.

With four data centers in US, UK and Singapore, you will be able to choose your preferred location when you sign up. This ensures that your website is as close as possible geographically to your main target audience. Geographically being closer means that your audience will enjoy much better speed and loading time whenever they visit your website. Simple as that. Speed is everything, after all.

Plus, their plans are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee which is twice more than industry’s standard. Eleven2 is the home for over 100,000 websites, and it shows a lot about how serious they are with their SLA and customer support. And judging from the fact that they have four data centers and resources they offer for each shared hosting plans, we can safely conclude that there is no overselling happening with Eleven2. Perfect for resource-demanding applications like SilverStripe.

The basic shared hosting plan costs only $4.95 per month but you will have to go with annual billing since there is no monthly payment for this plan. It provides you with 10GB disk space, 50GB data transfer and on it, you can host up to 10 domains. The remaining plans cost $7.5, $15 and $30 a month respectively, with increasing disk space and bandwidth on each. The highest-tier plan also offers you free private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address too.

Visit Eleven2

3. Web Hosting Buzz – From $4.95/month


Having 11 years of experience under their belt tells a lot about Web Hosting Buzz. Known mainly for their higher end plans, Web Hosting Buzz is committed to “no overselling” philosophy while offering diverse range of hosting services from shared hosting, resellers, VPS to dedicated servers for its 30,000 clients worldwide. We have tried digging up in the WebHostingTalk and other hosting related forums, but can’t really find any major negativity towards the company so we can only conclude that they are doing a good job.

There are three shared hosting plans to pick from. The pricing ranges from $4.95, $6.95 and $9.95 per month respectively. All plans are backed with 45-day money back guarantee which is pretty good. The basic plan comes with 400GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth, but you can only host 2 domains on it.

The remaining two plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus you can host as many websites as you like. If you want to run eCommerce site using SilverStripe, then free Comodo Positive SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, and free 2Checkout Merchant account that come with the highest tier plan will be useful for you. It’s also fastest plan since all highest-tier plans will be hosted on servers with NGINX frontend.

Visit Web Hosting Buzz

4. MDD Hosting – From $6.38/month


While Apache is dominating web server that powers majority portion of the Internet, it is not the only web server in the market. There are a few others, and some of them have much better speed than Apache. LiteSpeed is one of them. And although it is not an open source offer but rather a commercial one, we have to say that it is really really fast. About 3 times faster than SSL Apache hosts, and it can process PHP 50% faster too! One good thing is that LiteSpeed is interchangeable with Apache so any sites that run fine on Apache will run as well on LiteSpeed too.

MDD Hosting uses LiteSpeed server instead of Apache. Established since 2007, MDD Hosting specializes in high performance and affordable shared hosting services.

Shared hosting plans will start from $6.38 per month. The basic plan will give you 5GB disk space and 250GB data transfer. Not unlimited but good enough for a small to medium-size website. If you find yourself in need of additional resources, then you can simply upgrade to higher-tier plans. The highest-tier shared hosting plan costs just $13.18 a month and you will be provided with 15GB disk space and 750GB bandwidth. While no unlimited resources may disappoint you, these numbers won’t run out unless you start to do image hosting or some sort of illegal piracy stuffs hosting.

We can conclude that they are not overselling their resources judging from the resources they provide for each hosting plans. This is also an indicator that each server is not flooded with too many accounts, and you will get better speed and system resources. If you find your SilverStripe website is needing more system resources, it maybe best to upgrade to their VPS or Semi-Dedicated plans which begin from $21.25 a month.

Visit MDD Hosting

5. Arvixe – From $4/month


Arvixe doesn’t specialize on one hosting service and instead they offer a wide range of hosting services since 2003. They have shared hosting, reseller plans, VPS and dedicated servers. Arvixe also offers Windows hosting services but we have to warn you to never try to host SilverStripe on Windows hosting. Not unless you are a masochist, of course.

You see, SilverStripe is built for LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). While you can still try to host SilverStripe on a Windows web host, there will be loads of custom configurations, headaches, curses, and caffeine-induced sleepless nights involved. So yeah, if you are a masochist, by all means, please go ahead.

There are two categories available shared hosting, with two plans in each. Personal Class plans are more for personal or smaller sites while Business Class plans enjoy better server resources, free SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. Plans in Personal Class Linux start from $4 a month while Personal Class Linux Plus will be $5. Business Class Linux plan costs $22. You will get unlimited disk space and data transfer in all plans.

Visit Arvixe


We can’t really wait to see your next SilverStripe site, which we are sure will rock the world. If you want to have more options than the 5 we present you with, go ahead and use our hosting services comparison tool. Enjoy the ride!

Published on: June 27,2013.
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