5 Best Hosting For nopCommerce

If WooCommerce and Magento dominate PHP eCommerce solutions, then nopCommerce is the leading name in ASP.NET based eCommerce platforms.

Usually ASP.NET-based e-commerce platforms are commercial solutions and they are not very easy to use. But nopCommerce wants to change that. Not only it is an open source app, but it is also available for free. It is highly stable, usable, and fully customizable.

Support for mobile devices is built-in so you don’t have to worry about building a mobile version of your site. All you have to do is enable the mobile commerce option. And nopCommerce also has a multi-store feature, which lets you run multiple stores from a single installation. It is quite useful for people who want to run multiple stores in different vertical markets rather than running one big store.

There are is also a drop-shipping option; if you are a drop shipper or selling goods from multiple vendors, nopCommerce already has you covered. Pretty nifty!

The Best 5

  • VPS.net : The leading cloud VPS specialist with 20 datacenters around the world,
  • Arvixe : A great Shared and VPS host that offers premium Business Shared hosting plans,
  • myHosting : One account gives you both Windows and Linux servers!
  • Interserver : Excellent Windows VPS on a budget,
  • MochaHost : The budget leader who has a Windows Shared hosting plan for under $4/mo.

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Of course, nopCommerce requires Windows Server and ASP.net. And since it is a database-driven e-commerce app, performance and security are big concerns. Whenever credit card information is sent over the open internet, security jumps out as a huge issue. That’s part of the cost of doing business. This concern has to be factored into the selection of a good host. Plan on paying more than bargain-basement prices for hosting any e-commerce solution. Even if you can get by with a low-cost Shared hosting plan, you still need to make the site secure for credit card transactions.

Secure Transactions

For e-commerce, a critical requirement is that the host must establish an encrypted and secure tunnel in which payment information is exchanged.

The chief requirement for e-commerce is airtight security. You need to create an encrypted line of communication between the seller and the buyer. This prevents a so-called “man-in-the-middle” attack. A “man-in-the-middle” is a bad guy who is eavesdropping on the conversations between the buyers and the seller. This is very bad since a “man-in-the middle” can grab your customers’ credit card numbers and even impersonate you to them.

To block this, you need to obtain and install an SSL certificate. In practical terms, you need:

  • A private SSL certificate, so that the buyers are able to verify that you are the legitimate merchant that you claim to be,
  • A fixed IP address, a requirement for implementing a clean SSL connection that the buyers can verify in their browsers,
  • Also, there’s a set of rules called PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry compliance). A host should be able to warrant that its servers are PCI compliant. This would mean that they’re solid from a security perspective.

The SSL certificate enables your customers to establish an encrypted and trusted connection using the https protocol (rather than the ordinary http protocol); https is the secure and encrypted version of http.

Typically, a Shared host that is robust enough for e-commerce comes with a fixed IP address, an SSL certificate, and the server is warranted for PCI compliance. If you want to use a Shared host then you should be careful that you are able to conduct encrypted transactions. Most Shared hosts are not designed with e-commerce in mind.

Another possibility is to purchase an SSL certificate separately and install it yourself. This may or may not be cheaper, depending on the type of deal that the hosting company offers for their business-oriented plans. We are recommending some low cost Shared hosting plans, so this may work for you!

Performance, Uptime, and Backups

Beyond that, it’s in your best interest to choose a fast and reliable host. Customers are turned off by slow and unresponsive sites. If your potential customers lose interest because your site loads too slowly, then you won’t be doing much business.

What can you do about all this? A few things:

  • Choose a host with a datacenter close to your customers,
  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network),
  • Use a Cloud VPS or a deluxe shared host that does not overbook their servers.
  • Use a provider that does automatic backups.

A first step is to check to see that the host has a datacenter relatively close to your customers. You usually can check to see where the host’s datacenters are. Also, the host should be a part of a content delivery network. A CDN makes your site available to a group of “relay” servers who can serve your content to your customers even if the main server goes down.

One thing you can do is join Cloudflare, a worldwide CDN that provides a number of important cloud-related services. It is a CDN that tries to keep your site up even if your server goes down. Its almost like joining an expensive Cloud VPS! Also, it provides some anti-spam and DDoS protection by crowdsourcing it.

Cloudflare is free and you can usually join it from your panel. If not, you can sign up at the Cloudflare site. Often, good hosting providers are part of their own CDN and their customers benefit from that service automatically. This is something to check.

For an active, high traffic site, you should consider a Cloud VPS instead of a Shared host. This is the safest way of avoiding performance and reliability problems.

Finally, you should take steps to ensure that your e-commerce site is fully backed up, with redundant copies. In addition to an automatic backup, it doesn’t hurt for you to maintain a local backup.

So here are our 5 hand picked best hosting services for nopCommerce, brought to you by BestHosting.org.


Rank Provider Starting Price


vpsnet $27.50/mo Visit Site


arvixe-logo $27/mo Visit Site



$9.95/mo Visit Site



$6/mo Visit Site


mochahost $3.98/mo Visit Site

Winner. VPS.NET – From $27.50/month


While some prefer Rackspace or Amazon AWS, we prefer VPS.NET when it comes to cloud VPS hosting. They offer a line of elastic cloud VPS plans at affordable prices and backed by a network of 18 datacenters around the world. If your nopCommerce site needs more horsepower than a Shared hosting solution can offer, then take a close look at VPS.net. They are the world’s VPS experts!

The extra care in providing only high performance services can be felt throughout your time with them. Since you can spin up their VPS servers in only 55 seconds, you can easily set up a cluster of servers for a high availability configuration. This is perfect for a high traffic e-commerce site. They also have an automatic scaling service called Elastic Cloud Hosting which essentially allows you to scale your system resources up and down.

This ability is often advertised as “auto-scaling”, “auto-healing”, “elastic service”, and so forth. Capacity expands to meet heavy demands and cloud servers can take over if your main server goes down. A cloud VPS provider is your best bet if you need to be online 24/7.

VPS.net claims 99.99% uptime, which ought to be realistic for a Cloud VPS host. The worldwide array of datacenters is important to any business who needs to conduct e-commerce around the clock.

Datacenter Locations

VPS.net has an impressive network of datacenters all over the world. In combination with their cloud technology, it makes VPS.net a fantastic choice. Here is the complete list of their datacenters. You choose your server’s location when you sign up.

  • Asia: Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi
  • Australia: Sydney
  • UK: London, Manchester
  • Europe:Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt
  • South America: Sao Paulo
  • Canada: Montreal
  • US: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D. C.

VPS.net has a huge selection of plans; the unmanaged cloud VPS is is a great balance between cost and capability.

Unmanaged Cloud VPS Plans

Here are their plans in the $100/mo and below range:

# Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 512MB 10GB 3TB $27.50/mo
2 1GB 20GB 6TB $47.50/mo
3 1.5GB 30GB 9TB $67.50/mo
4 2GB 40GB 12TB $87.50/mo
5 2.5GB 50GB 15TB $107.50/mo

1. Windows is a $7.50 option that is included in this table.
2. Full management is a $69/mo option.

The VPS.net plans are upgradable in units that they call “nodes”. You can add additional VPS nodes to scale up if you want. The additional system resources will be multiples of the basic node. You can scale up or down without any downtime.

VPS.net also has a strong line of managed VPS solutions, but an unmanaged cloud VPS is all you need to host an e-commerce app. Check out their managed plans if you wish.


2. Arvixe – From $27/month


Arvixe is the perfect solution for people who love ASP.NET. Arvixe, unlike many companies, does not specialize in one platform. Their product line shows a balance between Windows and Linux, even though most of the internet runs Linux. Every type of plan can be ordered with either a Linux or Windows OS. Their plans really are parallel, except that the Windows versions cost extra to cover the Microsoft license.

Shared Hosting Plans

Arvixe offers two classes of plans for each platform: Personal Class is their entry-level category and Business Class is for e-commerce and more demanding applications. For NopCommerce, you need Windows, so we’ll describe the Personal and Business ASP class plans.

The Personal Class ASP plan is $5/mo while Personal Class ASP Pro is $8/mo. The former is restricted to six domains, while the latter supports an unlimited number of domains. Both give you unlimited storage and transfer. These are their bargain Shared hosting plans which may not have the power to serve an e-commerce site. If you want to try, you need to purchase an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address.

Their Business Class ASP plan is $27/mo and $40/mo for Business Class ASP Pro. The cost differential between the Personal and Business plans is proportional to the number of accounts assigned to a server. You can expect much better responsiveness if you choose Business Class. For NopCommerce, we recommend Business Class Windows hosting plans.

VPS Class Plans

The VPS Class and VPS Class ASP Pro are priced at $60/mo and $100/mo. Their prices reflect a $20 and $30 premium over the corresponding Linux plans but they give you slightly more resources. They are fully configured for secure e-commerce.

Name Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
VPS Class ASP 4 2GB 50GB Unlimited $60/mo
VPS Class Pro 8 4GB 100GB Unlimited $100/mo

1. The server is Windows Server 2012.
2. These plans both include an SSL certificate for life.
3. Both plans are PCI Compliant.
4. Both plans provide root access.
5. The dedicated IP address is $2/mo.
6. SSD storage is $10/mo.
7. 1GB RAM is $20/mo.

Visit Arvixe

3. myHosting – From $9.95/month


MyHosting is a VPS and Cloud hosting company that specializes in Windows hosting. It is a subsidiary of Ingram Micro. Established in 1997 in Canada, the company is currently serving over 50,000 customers from 180 countries. It is also a sister company to Mail2Web, a well-known email service provider for businesses. Their Cloud VPS plan has a 100% uptime guarantee that is backed by their SLA! A true cloud VPS service can do this because it is based on redundant hardware with automatic failover. If you need to keep your store online 24/7, this is the way to go.

MyHosting offers a diverse range of hosting services, from shared hosting, reseller, and VPS. They specialize in Shared business hosting and their personal Shared hosting plan starts from just $4.95 a month. The plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth plus a free domain if you go with yearly billing plan.

Shared Hosting Plans

Our interest here is in their Business hosting plan since we need ASP.NET to use NopCommerce. myHosting’s Business plan costs only $9.95 a month. It offers “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, and supports an unlimited number of domains.

The Business Plan runs NopCommerce on Microsoft Internet Server IIS, but it is also bundled with a standard Linux hosting account! That is, you also get a parallel account that runs a standard LAMP stack. This improves the quality of your life, since lots of other apps are open-source Linux apps. You no longer need to maintain a second account in order to access them. It is the best of both worlds.

VPS Hosting Plans

If the Business shared hosting plan does not meet your needs, you can check out their line of Windows VPS plans. They run Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and uses the Plesk panel. These are very reasonable prices for a Windows server with a panel.

Name RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Custom VPS 1GB 25GB 300GB $34.95/mo
Developer VPS 1GB 40GB 600GB $34.95/mo
Business 1GB 40GB 600GB $39.95/mo

As of this writing, they have a sale that prices the Custom and Developer plans identically. Go figure!
Visit myHosting

4. InterServer – Managed VPS – From $6/month


VPS.NET is all about scalability and amazing system resources, but it also comes with a proper price tag. Maybe you don’t need that level of scalability, and maybe you just want a VPS at an affordable price tag. If that sounds like you, InterServer will please you.

The company has been in the hosting industry for 14 years and has seen a lot of ups and downs within the industry. And they have pretty good VPS server plans along with other services like shared hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting. They have datacenters in Los Angeles and Secaucus, NJ. European and Asian datacenters are planned but not yet online.

Usually, VPS plans cost more than shared hosting plans and managed VPS costs even more. Its because you get more computer resources to yourself with VPS and a managed service gives the staff more to manage.

InterServer’s prices are unusually low. The company set out to provide affordable VPS solutions and you can get a VPS at just $6 a month. Interestingly, they do not offer a money back guarantee or a trial period. A huge plus for ASP.Net customers is that their prices for Windows hosting is the same as for Linux!

Managed Cloud VPS Plans

Interserver uses the arbitrary unit of the “slice” to price their plans. Each slice is 25GB storage, 1GB memory, and 1TB bandwidth. Each slice is only $6/mo for a VPS technology based on OpenVZ. It’s $8/slice for VPS technology based on KVM. Both prices are shown in the table but we recommend KVM. Even so, these are great prices for a generous amount of computer resources.

Slices RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 1024MB 25GB 1TB $6 – $8/mo
2 2048MB 50GB 2TB $12 – $16/mo
3 3072MB 75GB 3TB $18 – $24/mo
4 4096MB 100GB 4TB $24 – $32/mo
5 5120MB 125GB 5TB $32 – $40/mo

1. These prices are for the OpenVZ and KVM virtual technologies. There is a 10% discount for an annual payment.
2. This is for Windows Server 2008 R2.
3. Root access is included.
4. Backups are provided.
5. No panels are available for Windows, only Linux!
6. 1-4 slices use 1 core and 5-8 slices use 2 cores.

This great price doesn’t include some features that Shared hosting customers are used to having. For this price and amount of resources, there’s no panel and no installer. Neither are needed to run nopCommerce, though. Still, their prices are great.

Visit InterServer

5. MochaHost – From $3.98


If you are looking for Windows hosting at a budget price, then MochaHost is a great choice. MochaHost has been serving the budget market since 2003. They offer a wide variety of services, from shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. They offer a very wide variety of shared and VPS hosting plans that meet specialized needs.

A customer who has a specific need will likely find a plan that is tailored for them. They offer parallel Linux and Windows plans and both are at very low prices!

MochaHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee — with the exception of factors that they believe are beyond their control.

MochaHost also has an unusual risk-free guarantee. While most other companies offer either a 30 or 45-day money-back guarantee, MochaHost lets you choose between either a 180-day pro-rated guarantee or a 30 day money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is familiar to everyone. If you elect to go with the 180-day pro-rated plan, you will get a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the plan. For example, if you sign up a 2-year plan and cancel the account within 180 days, then the remaining unused money will be refunded.

Shared Hosting Plans

MochaHost has two levels of Business Shared hosting that are priced at only $3.98 to $8.37! That really is an amazing price for Windows Business hosting.
The business Shared hosting plans that use IIS 8.0, MS SQL, and ASP.NET 4.5. The WebSitePanel is included on Windows hosting.

These plans give you unlimited storage, transfer, and databases. The $3.98 plan is for medium-size websites with decent traffic. Since NopCommerce is all about commerce, we recommend that you should go with the Mocha plan at $8.37 a month.

VPS Plans

MochaHost offers some amazingly economical VPS plans that are unusually generous in storage and bandwidth. All the plans offer only one core and top out at 2GB memory. Only the top of the line plan offers a 2.26GHz processor, while the cheaper plans use 1.13 and 1.6GHz CPUs. Hey, if you need a VPS, you might as well go with the top plan!

Plan RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Perfetto1-H 1GB 40GB Unlimited $18.17/mo
Perfetto2-H 1.5GB 70GB Unlimited $24.47/mo
Perfetto3-H 2GB 100GB Unlimited $31.47mo

Visit MochaHost


NopCommerce is a powerful e-commerce solution that deserves equally good web hosting. Plus, for an e-commerce site, you need to think about responsiveness and uptime. Airtight security is a requirement. If you want to evaluate other options, then head on to our hosting services comparison tool and compare the plans in our database.


Rank Provider Starting Price


vpsnet $27.50/mo Visit Site


arvixe-logo $27/mo Visit Site



$9.95/mo Visit Site



$6/mo Visit Site


mochahost $3.98/mo Visit Site

Published on: May 9,2014.

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