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One of the biggest pet peeve web designers have with content management systems is that their theme systems are usually complicated. While many web designers also have decent HTML and CSS coding skills, CMS themes usually ask for more than that.

This is true even with a popular and super easy to use WordPress. In order to design and develop a good theme that can do more than just display blog posts, you will need to know PHP functions of WordPRess, and understand terms like loop and whatnot. If you look into other CMS like Joomla, this is even worse.

This is not really an issue if you are a veteran in coding themes for a particular CMS for years. But it is a problem when you want to pick up a new CMS because a new project demands it, or because you want to expand your skills. Plus, sometimes the CMS we are so used to might not be suitable for the project in hand. Then we have no choice but to use another more suitable CMS.

Enter MODx.

They have won several CMS Showcase awards, including Best Open Source CMS Awards. MODx is not just a normal CMS. It is a CMS that bends to your will without any conditions. It gives you ultimate creative freedom while still creating awesome themes with advance functions. You don’t have to learn complex mixed markup and codes.

With that much power, MODx also gives you a lot of freedom in choice of hosting too. You can pretty much host MODx anywhere, provided that they can run PHP5 and latest MySQL versions.

But it is always good to have a decent web host. So we have hand picked 5 best hosting services for you, right after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price


eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site


hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site



$3.95/mo Visit Site


stablehost-logo $3.95/mo Visit Site


justhostlogo $3.25/mo Visit Site

Winner – Eleven2 – From $4.95/month


Eleven2 is one of those companies that offer really impressive hosting plans along with reputable services. For any hosting company, the location of their datacenters is really important. Eleven2 has got four different data centers in three different countries i.e. USA, UK and Singapore. It gives the customers an opportunity to select a datacenter of their choice so their website visitors can enjoy better loading speed. A website that gets most of its visitors from Europe should be hosted on a server located in UK to offer better loading speed. The shared hosting servers of the company are also very well optimized.

100,000+ and counting number of websites are hosted on the servers of Eleven2 by now. Their aim is to provide best possible services to the customers who are paying for their services. If a customer is not happy with the services offered by Eleven2, he can get his money back within 60 days. There are hardly a few companies in the market that are offering money back guarantee of more than 45 days and Eleven2 is one of them. They have got different product ranges from Shared hosting to cloud hosting and from VPS hosting to dedicated hosting servers.

The cheapest shared hosting plan starts from only $4.95/ month which includes 10GB of disk space and 50GB bandwidth. Unfortunately, this plan is only available at yearly billing cycle. Up to 10 websites can be hosted on the same hosting account but it also depends on the use of resources by the websites hosted on same server. A customer in need of more disk space and bandwidth can opt for an expensive hosting plan to meet his needs. Free SSL certificate and dedicated IP address is also provided by the company to its customers.

Visit Eleven2

2. HostGator – From $3.96/month


It’s hard to go wrong with the choice of over 400,000 customers and 8 million domains. HostGator is probably the largest hosting company on our planet with that kind of numbers. Yup, 8 million websites. We don’t know how many servers they are running but we can safely assume that that would be in thousands. Or even tens of thousands of servers. As the most well-known hosting company in the industry, they are a good choice if you want no hassles with your hosting service. Plus, the huge brand is also another factor you may love.

Known mainly for shared hosting plans, HostGator boasts customers from over 200 countries. We thought official list is 196 countries according to UN so they maybe counting our space colonies and perhaps Martians too. Regardless, they are still kicking ass. Currently, you can choose from shared hosting, resellers, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. We would advise you to go with shared hosting here for simple reason: the cost. Plus, you won’t need VPS or dedicated unless you anticipate boatloads of traffic, but in that case, you will want to choose a provider that specializes in those stuffs.

A 45-day money back guarantee backs up all shared hosting plans and that’s 15 days more than industry standard. The starting shared hosting plan is just $7.16 a month if you pay monthly or pay with 6 months billing cycle. You can also pay for 3 years in advance at $142.56, which basically is just $3.96 a month. Just make sure you are certain of your choice though.

All shared hosting plans are provide with unlimited space and bandwidth. HostGator seems to be managing their system resources pretty well although fair usage policies still apply. RAM and CPU resources each shared hosting account gets are decent enough for shared hosting. You can’t compare them with something like VPS though.

Visit HostGator

3. SiteGround – From $3.95/year


There are very less companies that are best in resource optimization when it comes to shared hosting plans and SiteGround is one of them. Even those customers using shared hosting plans can enjoy a set of useful resources due to proper optimization of servers from SiteGround. Hosting a website with thousands of visitor traffic is not a big issue at all. Customers can even run eCommerce websites by using extensions for MODx, or separate eCommerce solutions like Magento. If your website starts to hit more traffic and need better hosting environment, then you can easily scale up to VPS hosting plans from SiteGround, or dedicated servers.

It’s been 10 years since SiteGround has been offering its hosting services in the market. At the moment, they are hosting more than 150,000 websites on their servers. The main goal of the company is to come up with hosting plans that are well optimized and affordable for small businesses and individuals. Taking a look at the number of customers and the pricing offered by the company, one can judge that they are not overselling anything.

The minimum charges for their hosting services are $3.95/ month and it includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth. In order to avail monthly billing facility, a setup fee of $14.95 must be paid. There is no additional fee if a customer opts for annual plan.

Visit SiteGround

4. StableHost – From $3.95/month


Countless companies are offering web hosting services in the market but not all of them can be trusted to provide best services. StableHost also claims to provide state of the art web hosting services but let us review their services and see for ourselves. They are offering 3 shared hosting plans at the moment. By paying only $3.95/ month a customer can get 1GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth. Plan costing $5.95/ month offers 7GB storage and 300GB bandwidth whereas the plan costing $9.95/ month offers 20GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth. Customers can make unlimited domains and email account in just one hosting plan. 24/7 customers support is also provided to the customers as well.

Those who want to install WordPress or any other third party app on their website can do so very easily with the help of Softaculous one-click installer. According to hosting company, premium internet networks are used to ensure the fast loading speed of websites. To reduce the amount of spam effective email management system is offered by the company. Keeping the ease of customers in mind, cPanel control panel is included in the hosting plan. A person can build his/ her own website with the help of RVSiteBuilder Pro.

All major programming languages including PHP, Percona/ MYSQL and Perl are also supported by the hosting servers of this company. It is disappointed to see that they don’t support Ruby on Rails but we hope, this will be added in near future.

Visit StableHost

5. JustHost – From $3.25/month


JustHost only has one hosting plan, so it will save you a lot of hassles and headache to choose a plan among several. It is not as famous as other hosting companies listed here, but as it is a child company of Endurance International Group, a reputable holding company in web hosting industry with child companies like BlueHost and JustHost, it’s safe to assume that they won’t go away overnight.

JustHost mainly serves for budget spectrum of hosting market, so their hosting plans are on just above average servers. So if you are creating a normal small website, then it’s fine. If you anticipate high traffic though, you will want to look elsewhere. They are definitely not optimized for resource intensive scripts but MODx will do just fine.

JustHost will give you free $100 Google AdWords coupon so you can try out paid marketing campaigns. The only hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, but fair usage policies will still be applied. If you go with 3 years billing cycle, it will cost you $3.25 a month. Or else, it’ll be $8.95 a month plus $20 setup fee for monthly billing cycle.

Visit JustHost


MODx hands back creative freedom and flexibility in the hands of web designers. It has never been easier and fun to create websites using a CMS. While we believe above 5 hosting companies will best suit your needs, they are not the only ones. You can check out more alternatives by using our hosting comparison tool and check them out yourself.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 Hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site
3 siteground-logo1 $3.95/mo Visit Site
4 stablehost-logo $3.95/mo Visit Site
5 justhostlogo $3.25/mo Visit Site

Published on: July 12,2013.
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