5 Best Hosting For Drupal

Did you know that White House website is powered by Drupal?

Yup, no kidding. It’s not the only gigantic website using Drupal. There are a few other government sites running on Drupal as well. Not just governments too, since Drupal is versatile enough to power any kind of websites.

Drupal is among the top 5 most popular content management systems on our planet. According to statistics from W3Tech, 2.2% of the world’s websites are powered by Drupal. There are over 672 millions websites in the world, so that’s a whopping 14.784 millions websites. That is no small numbers on any account.

If we compare, Drupal is more like Joomla than WordPress. In fact, Drupal is the oldest among all three and have thousands of plugins, modules and themes already available. The powerful part is that, you can easily create websites with social networks or just small business sites using Drupal. The way it handles and structures contents is also one powerful thing.

So if you are looking for web hosts with Drupal support, you will find many. But are they well-optimized for Drupal? Not all are. You see, if they are not well-optimized, then when your website starts to have decent traffic, you are going to experience a lot of slowdowns and errors. So which hosts are optimized? Can you search and evaluate from thousands of available hosting companies out there?

Fortunately for you, we have done just that. Not just for Drupal but for many possible scenarios. We didn’t evaluate thousands of all “me too” hosting firms but instead focus on reputable ones. So here are 5 best hosting companies for your Drupal site, right after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 site5-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 arvixe-logo $4/mo Visit Site
3 webhostingbuzz-logo-large $4.95/mo Visit Site
4 siteground-logo1 $3.95/mo Visit Site
5 Interserver-logo $3.25/mo Visit Site

Winner – Site5 – From $4.95/month


In the industry saturated to death by fleeting hosting companies that close down after a few months of operation, Site5 has been around like forever. Established since 1998, Site5 is currently operating their own data centers and have over 250 servers which host 200,000+ domains in total. If you are more used to some gigantic web hosts boasting their portfolio of millions of domains, then those numbers might seem small to you. But hey, that is in fact an advantage for you. You see, with over 250 servers and only 200,000+ domains, they are clearly not overselling. Plus they use only high end web servers which ensures that performance stays top notch. And they have a real kick-ass SLA when it comes to customer support. Basically, they will credit your account as a token of apology if your support request isn’t answered within 24 hours. That’s how serious they are about their customer support. Shared hosting plans begin from $4.95 a month and you will get unlimited storage and data transfer. All servers are really well-optimized so that you can install Drupal or Joomla or any other CMS without slowing down the servers. They even have a 45 day money back guarantee which in our experience they will uphold like a religion!. If you want to run a complex site and need dedicated IP address then you will need to go with the highest priced plan of shared hosting which will set you back for just $11.95 a month.That’s a no-brainer price!

Visit Site5

2. Arvixe – From $4/month


While some hosting companies specialize in shared hosting, VPS or cloud hosting, Arvixe seems to like to keep their options open and play as a company that can handle diverse services just as well. Established since 2003, Arvixe offers shared hosting plans on both Linux and Windows so if you are looking for any ASP.NET hosts, Arvixe is the one you should be looking at. But of course, since you are looking to host Drupal, Linux hosting plans will suffice. In Arvixe’s shared hosting services, there are two classes, namely Personal Class and Business Class. Personal Class plans are, as name reflects, for personal usage and smaller sites that won’t get too much traffic. For Business Class plans, accounts will be hosted on better optimized servers with more resources dedicated to each accounts since Arvixe expects people with high traffic sites or resource demanding business websites to host using Business Class plans. Personal Class Linux plan starting price is  $4 a month, and you will have to pay $5 for Personal Class Windows. You can host up to 6 domains and both plans come with unlimited storage and data transfer. It will cost $1 more for each plan to remove domain limit. Another advantage Business Class plan will give you is that you get dedicated IP address and SSL certificate so that you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to purchase one. They also come with unlimited data transfer and storage, and pricing for Business Class Linux starts from $22 a month while Business Class Windows plan will cost you $27 a month.

Visit Arvixe

3. Web Hosting Buzz – From $4.95/month


Known mainly for its higher end plans like VPS, Web Hosting Buzz is currently serving only 30,000 customers from 140 countries. Most of them are not on shared hosting services so you will be happy to know that any servers you are on will have ample resources for you without others boggling it down. That’s such a good thing! In the industry since 2002, the company only offers Linux hosting and you will get more than what you pay for. All servers are very well-optimized, and the speed you will enjoy from highest tier shared hosting plan is mind blowing. You can pick from three shared hosting plans, with the lowest plan starting from $4.95 a month. Middle tier will cost you $6.95 and highest tier is just $9.95 a month. Prices are very reasonable, and they are backed by 45 day money back guarantee. The starter plan will give you 400GB of storage space which is impossible to use all unless you are hosting illegal downloads, and unlimited data transfer. But you can only host 2 sites though so that’s a downer if you are looking to host multiple small websites. However, the remaining two plans remove that domain limits and also come with both unlimited storage and bandwidth. You will get $100 vouchers for both AdWords and AdWords Express too. The higher tier shared hosting plan will be hosted on servers with NGINX frontend which is optimized to give you mind blowing speed, so your Drupal sites will load in lighting speed. You will also get Comodo Positive SSL certificate and dedicated IP address too.

Visit Web Hosting Buzz

4. SiteGround – From $3.95/month


We dedicate our mission to feature awesome web hosting firms that don’t oversell their resources. SiteGround is definitely one of those companies that kick ass and among our favorites. Been around since 2003, the company is a privately owned by a group of IT professionals who were fed up with the state of web hosting industry back then. Now the company is hosting over 150,000 websites, which is no small number. The main goal is to provide affordable hosting for individuals and SMEs without overselling. Now that’s why we love them! We have been digging in WHT and other forums, but we can’t see a lot of negative sentiments towards SiteGround from most people, so seems like they are doing an amazing job at upholding their promise. Their shared hosting plans are well optimized too so hosting a CMS like Drupal is no-brainer. You will even feel speed difference when you compare to other gigantic shared hosting companies hosting millions of sites. The pricing plan starts from just $3.95 a month and you get unlimited storage and bandwidth. You gotta pay $14.95 as setup fee (one time) if you want to go with monthly billing cycle but if you commit to SiteGround for 12 months or more billing periods, then it’s waived. If you want more powerful services, then they also have semi-dedicated plans and VPS too.

Visit SiteGround

5. InterServer – From $4.95/month


If you have read other lists we have here, you maybe wondering why we are putting InterServer, a hosting company in business for 14 years, at #5 in this list. After all, we have talked fondly of the company in other posts. Thing is, #5 positions don’t really mean they are bad. They are just less suited to go to top 3 positions on numerous scenarios. In this case, InterServer’s shared hosting plans are nothing spectacular but their VPS offerings are truly amazing. You may not be looking at VPS outright and so that’s why it’s ranked at #5. Anyway, shared hosting plans start from $4.95 a month, and InterServer offers 30-day money back guarantee for all of its hosting plans. You get unlimited domains and storage space as well as bandwidth. What we are interested in is their VPS, which costs only $6 a month for Linux. Windows VPS will cost $22. Each slice has 25GB of storage and 376MB RAM, and 6mbps connection (about 1,800GB bandwidth). CPU core begins from 1 and will increase by 1 with every 5 slices. Running Drupal on your own VPS? Awesome stuff!

Visit InterServer


Think you can evaluate better alternatives? Head on to our hosting companies comparison tool and compare 423 hosting plans to find one that suits you.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 site5-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 arvixe-logo $4/mo Visit Site
3 webhostingbuzz-logo-large $4.95/mo Visit Site
4 siteground-logo1 $3.95/mo Visit Site
5 Interserver-logo $3.25/mo Visit Site


Published on: May 18,2013.
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