5 Best Hosting For Clubs

So you run a nightclub? Awesome! Free entry for us?

Ooops, you run a club’s marketing campaigns. That’s still okay. It’s still pretty awesome. We bet you get to party with all the hot babes and hunks, down the shots with DJs and party like a rockstar.

For a club, website and social media are best friends when it comes to marketing. Without using either or both, it is just impossible to reach to a massive audience by traditional means. Plus, social media and a website can give, if utilize properly, a lot of free exposure.

Having a social media presence alone isn’t enough either. Sure, you can upload all the photos of parties, do event invitations, run contests and whatnot on Facebook. But without having a website, you will be missing out a lot of cool things like being found through search engines, running your own Facebook apps (you need to have own domain in order to host it), or getting some event portals linking back to your site and talking about your club.

So let’s create a website for your club, shall we? Here are 5 best hosting companies for clubs, right after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 webhostingbuzz-logo-large $4.95/mo Visit Site
3 hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site
4 littleoak-logo $80/mo Visit Site
5 arvixe-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site

Winner – Eleven2 – From $4.95/month


Overselling just does not happen with Eleven2. That’s one prominent reason why we like them. But that’s not the only reason either.

Currently, they are running 4 data centers in US, UK and Singapore. Although we don’t know how many servers they have, we know that they are hosting over 100,000+ websites. Having four data centers is an advantage for customers actually since you can just pick one that’s closest to your target audience. If your club is in Singapore, then host it in Singapore. Europe? Go for UK. US folks? You have two choices at either east coast or west coast. Your website visitors will experience better speed loading your website. That’s second reason why we love Eleven2.

The company is so confident of their services that all shared hosting plans come with 60 days money back guarantee. That’s twice more than industry standard. So within 60 days you can ask for refund if you don’t like the service. Simple as that.

You can choose among three shared hosting plans. The beginning plan is priced at $4.95 a month and comes with 10GB disk space and 50GB data transfer. You can host up to 10 domains on it but you likely won’t need it. The next tiers will give you additional storage, bandwidth and unlimited domains options so if your website is getting more traffic, maybe it’s a good idea to upgrade.

Visit Eleven2

2. Web Hosting Buzz – From $4.95/month


Been in the industry for 11 years, Web Hosting Buzz is quite well-reputed for its higher end plans. Currently serving only for 30,000 customers, many of whom are on resellers, VPS hosting and dedicated servers so shared hosting plans are not hosted on congested servers, with thousands of websites competing for same system resources. There is not a lot of negative sentiments towards Web Hosting Buzz in the press, even when we dig back for 11 years. So it’s safe to say that they are doing a great job.

All shared hosting plans come with 45 days money back guarantee so it will give you a peace of mind. They honor and uphold their money back guarantee pretty seriously too. So if you ever feel discontent with their services after trying out, cancellation is quite easy.

There are three shared hosting plans, with the basic one starting from $4.95 a month. It comes with 400GB of disk space and unlimited data transfer. Second plan costs $6.95 and the highest tier will burn a hole in your wallet that worths $9.95 a month. Not a lot, actually. Both plans will give you unlimited disk space and the highest tier plan is hosted on servers with NGINX frontend server which is really fast reverse proxy. Basically, it is really really fast so your website will load much faster. We will leave out the technical details to spare you. Web Hosting Buzz will also give you $100 credit at AdWords and AdWords Express vouchers so you can try paid traffic to your club website and see if it will work.

Visit Web Hosting Buzz

3. HostGator – From $3.96/month

8 million websites can’t be wrong about their choice. That’s how many websites HostGator is now hosting. We don’t know how many servers they have, but the estimate is within thousands. They host all their servers at several data centers owned by Ace Data Center and SoftLayer. HostGator is one of the most well-reputed hosting behemoth and specializes in affordable shared hosting services. It also seems to be the top choice for many (as evident by 8 million websites).

If you ask around for hosting recommendation, more often than not HostGator will come up. Installing popular content management system and blogging platforms like WordPress or Joomla is just a click or two with HostGator, since you can do so directly from cPanel control panel. So all you have to do is choose a nice theme for your club, then you are done. Servers seem to be optimized and well-configured too. Plus, all plans are backed by 45 days money back guarantee, so HostGator is a pretty safe choice.

The starting shared hosting plan will set you back just $7.16 a month if you go with monthly or 6 months billing cycle. If you commit and pay in advance for 3 years, then you will get at lower price at just $3.96 a month then. You still have to shell out $142.56 for that though. All plans will give you unlimited data transfer and storage space.

Visit HostGator

4. Little Oak Hosting – From $80/year


Startup-culture and family-oriented values are prevalent at Little Oak, but they are not really a small company. Established since 2007 by a group of experienced web designers and developers to provide something different in the industry, they are a home for over 400,000 hosting accounts on their servers.

While many other cloud hosting options (genuine ones) offer 100% or so uptime SLA, a lot of traditional web hosting firms don’t. Little Oak stands out in this front by offering 100% uptime guarantee. If there is any consecutive period of ten minutes downtime, you will get back 10% of your monthly fee. That’s pretty good deal. So their SLA is not just an empty promise. That’s how confident they are about their services.

Currently, they only offer shared hosting plans and pricing starts from $80 a year. Only annual payments are available for all plans. Starter plan provides you with 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth, an indicator that they are not overselling. You will receive $100 credit for AdWords and $25 for Yahoo adCenter as a gift so that you can test out paid marketing plans for traffic generation.

Visit LittleOak

5. Arvixe – From $4/month


Maybe you want to develop something on Windows using ASP.NET, and not Linux. Maybe you want to go with a well-rounded host that doesn’t specialize in one but many. Then Arvixe is totally for you.

Established since 2003, Arvixe offers shared hosting, reseller plans, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. They offer both Linux and Windows hosting so it is golden for anyone looking for a reliable Windows web host. But no, you cannot have both at once so you will have to pay for each plan. Linux plans are using Linux CentOS while Windows plans are hosted on Windows Server 2008.

For shared hosting plans, you can pick from two available categories. Each categories have two plans in each, so you can basically pick from 4 plans. Personal plans are for smaller sites or small businesses but still have access to decent resources, while Business Class plans are hosted on servers that are better optimized and also come with free dedicated IP address + SSL certificate. Those things cost a lot so it is good to have them for free.

Plans in Personal Class Linux start from $4 a month, while Windows will cost $7 a month. Yes, Windows is generally more expensive. You can host up to 6 domains but if you want unlimited domains, then upgrade to LInux Plus or Windows Plus. For al plans, you are provided with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Business Class Linux plan will cost you $22 a month while Windows plan will set you back for $27 a month.

Visit Arvixe


Now that we have given you 5 best hosts for your website, it’s time to start building one and go out to party. Do you think we should have put some other web hosts here? You can try out our hosting companies comparison tool and tell us what you think.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 webhostingbuzz-logo-large $4.95/mo Visit Site
3 hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site
4 littleoak-logo $80/mo Visit Site
5 arvixe-logo $4/mo Visit Site

Published on: June 20,2013.
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