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Up until a decade or so ago, it was hard for musicians to get any followings bigger than small town fans. All they could do was perform at local pubs and bars, and hope to make it big when agents of production labels or producers pick them up.

But it took a lot more than talent. Connections are absolute necessity. After all, that’s the only way a music band can get tractions and reach out to the mass. There was no other way. If they have connections that could help them get onto local radio channels, it help them a bit. Otherwise, it’s hard.

Then along came YouTube, MySpace and the good ol’ Internet. Now you can put up your music MP3 on MySpace, SoundCloud and other music sharing sites. Post up your music videos on YouTube. Collect them on your own website and bam, instant fame (provided that you are talented). You can connect with your fans in ways that was not possible before.

But for that, you gotta have a website. Your band absolutely needs one. So we have hand picked 5 best hosting companies for bands. Their plans are affordable, and you can build any kind of websites on them. Check them out after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 site5-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
3 hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site
4 littleoak-logo $80/mo Visit Site
5 justhostlogo $3.25/mo Visit Site

Winner – Eleven2 – From $4.95/month


For any hosting service provider, it is important to have well-optimized servers. In the online world, speed is the key concern for the clients and well-managed servers can surely provide that. If we judge a service on this parameter, Eleven2 has to be trusted because it has both: speed and optimized servers.

The second important thing about Eleven2 is its well-managed data centers. The company has four data centers in US, UK and Singapore, which helped it become a home for over 100,000+ websites. That is not a small number but looking at the resources they provide, and given the fact that they have 4 data centers in total, commonsense dictates that they are not overselling their resources at all. So you won’t have to compete for system resources on a single server with thousands of other sites.

The firm gives you the facility to host your website on the data center of your choice. This way, clients can pick up the closest installation to the target audience. This makes the loading speed faster and navigational experience pleasant. Here again, we find the speed to be the key competitive edge with Eleven2.

Third and the last important thing about Eleven2 is 60 day money back guarantee option. It applies on all features and hosting plans they offer. Looking at the industry average, the option seems stunning as it is almost 100% higher than industry average.

Visit Eleven2

2. Site5 – From $4.95/month


Site5 is a hosting company that we often recommend to our readers because they offer really impressive web hosting services. The main reason for recommending Site5 is their huge collection of datacenters. At this moment, they are running 250 different servers in 18 different locations around the globe. More than 200,000 domains are hosted on their servers and the number is still counting. Their customers support team is really impressive too. Many of you may not know but Site5 has a Service Level Agreement which states that if the support query of a customer is not answered by their support staff within 24 hours, they will credit your account as token of apology. This is what you call commitment towards service.

Site5 has been offering its services since 1998 which makes it 15 years. It means, they know each and everything about this industry. They are also considered as industry leaders as well.

Installing third party apps is not a big issue because one-click installation feature has been added to their hosting panel. Even if a person wants to install those apps manually, the process is not much difficult, thanks to Site5 development team. By paying only $4.95/ month a customer can enjoy unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. If you are not happy with the services offered by the company, 45 days money back guarantee will protect you for sure.

Visit Site5

3. HostGator – From $3.96/month

With over 8 million websites and 400,000 customers under their belt, HostGator is indeed the Goliath of the hosting industry. In fact, we really think it might be the largest shared hosting company on our planet. We have no clue how many servers they have, but the estimate is in thousands. All of their servers are at several data centers owned by Ace Data Center and SoftLayer.

If you have ever asked for a recommendation on shared hosting, a lot of times you will hear about HostGator. That’s how well known the company is. They specialize in affordable shared hosting services although you can also find VPS hosting and dedicated servers among their services too. We don’t recommend to use any of that though, since it would be better to use specialized companies for those higher end services. Servers seem to be optimized and well-configured so shared hosting services work fine. All plans are backed by 45 days money back guarantee, so HostGator is a pretty safe choice.

The starting shared hosting plan will cost you $7.16 a month if you go with monthly or 6 months. If you commit and pay in advance for 3 years ($142.56), then you will basically be paying just 3.96 a month. All plans will give you unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Visit HostGator

4. Little Oak Hosting – From $80/year


The best thing about Little Oak Hosting is its splendid customer service experience based on the rich values. Since its start up in 2007, the company has been gaining popularity in the customer circles and today it has over 400,000 accounts. We can place it in between Host Gator, Site5 and Eleven2 as it is neither too large nor too small.

Some of the competitive features they offer include 100% uptime Service Level Agreement, which is a rare case in the industry. Additionally, the firm offers refund if there is some downtime and the payment’s percentage is as much as is of its downtime. For example, customer is paid 10% if the downtime goes to 10 consecutive minutes. For the moment, the company is limited to shared hosting service only; however, they plan to extend their portfolio to VPS solutions in the near future.

Currently, their hosting plans start with 80 a year, and will give you 5GB disk space plus 50GB data transfer facility. Their sign-up plan is annual making you bound to stay with them for a year at least. However, it is not a matter of concern as you have a 30 days money back guarantee facility too. Finally, you can add unlimited domains to your hosting plan and also entitled to get $100 credit for AdWords and $25 for Yahoo adCenter.

Visit LittleOak

5. JustHost – From $3.25/month

If you are looking for a clear, simple and easily adoptable hosting plan; JustHost has it for you. The company has worked quite smart in the terms that it built only one plan to save the customers from hassles and headache of choosing the right one. In this regards, it has only one hosting plan, with the option of monthly as well as yearly subscription.

For example, if you go for monthly billing cycle, the fee is $8.95 a month plus $20 setup fee. Similarly, if you go for a yearly billing cycle, the cost comes down to $3.25. Above all, user is promised unlimited bandwidth allocation and disk space in this plan. However, fair usage policy applies over here too.

In this regards, if you have a small website that does not require any complex addition, JustHost is perfect choice for you. However, if it is expected that the website will attract greater traffic and might require resource intensive script; we recommend you to opt for some other plan. The company has not targeted larger audience and bulk customers as it is quite new here. However, with the backing of Endurance International Group, a reputable holding company in web hosting industry its future seems quite bright.

Visit JustHost


Getting your music in hand of the crowd today is easier than before. All you gotta have is talent and dedication. So go out there and build your presence. Don’t forget to send us some tickets when you make it big! You can try out our hosting companies comparison tool and tell us what you think.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 eleven2_logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
2 site5-logo $4.95/mo Visit Site
3 hostgator-logo $3.96/mo Visit Site
4 littleoak-logo $80/mo Visit Site
5 justhostlogo $3.25/mo Visit Site

Published on: July 14,2013.
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